To All our customers

We are very proud to finally present to you the initial launching of our new line ConfiDry 24/7 

As an apology to all our customers for the months that our product was unavailable, we have gone out of our way and are for a very 

limited time only, selling our new product line for only $95.00 per case of 72 briefs (4 x 18) Shipping Included

(Only in USA, Partial Shipping Cost to Alaska and Hawaii)


Promotional sale going on now!!



Just $95.00 a case
(72 Count)

Includes free shipping to all 48 states. 
(Alaska and Hawaii partial shipping options) 



$39.50 for a Pack
(18 Count)

Includes free shipping to all 48 states. 
(Alaska and Hawaii partial shipping options) 


ConfiDry 24/7 
Where Confidence and Dry Meet 24/7  

We've upgraded our name to celebrate our new line!

Dry 24/7 has become ConfiDry 24/7.

This takes our brand to a whole new level, Although we didn't believe it could happen - we actually outdid ourselves.

We've developed a Superior Absorbency Brief to upgrade our product both in Absorbency and performance!

In addition this product does not fall apart during use, so you can naturally continue your active lifestyle.


New Age in Incontinence:
Looks can be deceiving

Like many may be prone to think we are not looking to skimp on raw materials and try to pass our new line ConfiDry 24/7 TM to be a top of the line product, while skimping on raw materials and compromising our products and customers.

Due to state of the art raw materials used, we were able to reach

Maximum Absorbency at Minimal Bulkiness.


This is an outstanding product to have when you don't want anyone

to notice a bulge before it is even used.


As you all know, there were no compromises made while planning and

manufacturing our product.

There was no way that we would put out a less then perfect product. Until we were not sure that this product was of a higher quality and absorbency that surpassed even our previous line we did not put it out for sale. That is the main reason it took us this long.


Even though this product cost us more (we are not just stating this, itis a fact!), we were willing to soak the difference and even lower our prices.

We hope that you will appreciate all the effort we have put into our new line.


Be open to new adventures!

Ours is a Big One, ConfiDry 24/7 TM . Be Adventurous !!

This may just be the finest experience you have ever had with

incontinence products!!! 

As always our customers are a priority and we are always looking to improve.

We would love to hear any comments you have about our new product line.


ConfiDry 24/7 Facts:

Takes Incontinence to a whole new level. There is no point to go on and on about this product, just try it out and see for yourself. 


Anyone who has used Dry 24/7 in the past knows that Dry Care does not settle for less. We actually outdid ourselves and in all aspects this time. 


From a strong waterproof outer layer to Wider than ever tapes and most important of all we have upgraded the absorbency on our product. 


Until we did not have all our materials in place and tested the samples with all types of upgraded features from outstanding leg cuffs to front and back elastic waistbands, we did not let up.


Although it took much longer than anticipated, we would not release a less then perfect product. We hope you will agree that it was worth the wait.


All this packed into a sleek design that is compact and does not fall apart with movement. This is a lot to expect of a brief, but Dry Care did it. 


We hope you will appreciate all the thought and effort that went into this product. 


Your experience is important to us.

As always, we are constantly looking to improve, We would love to hear your comments on our new Made in USA line.



Thank You!


The Dry Care Team.