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 ConfiDry 24/7®Where Confidence and Dry Meet 24/7

 After years of research and development, Dry Care is very proud to present our new ConfiDry 24/7® briefs.  

 These new briefs are so different, so superior to anything else, that they needed a new name. Dry 24/7® has become ConfiDry 24/7®.

 The only thing people will notice is the new, more confident you. 

 We've developed a superior-absorbency brief that offers:

             Reliability: The new Confidry 24/7® won’t fall apart or clump, letting you live the life you want, without limits.   

             Comfort you can count on: Made with wider tapes, front and back waistbands, and a contoured fit, you’ll feel comfortable, confident, and worry-free for hours.

             Discreet security: Don’t sacrifice discretion for hours of protection, ConfiDry 24/7® gives you maximum absorbency with minimal bulk.

             Affordable protection: Our new brief is made with the highest-quality materials available, yet costs less, so you don’t have to compromise quality for price.

 The result is a product you can rely on to keep you dry, comfortable, and confident, 24/7®.

 NEW! The ConfiDry  24/7®

 now comes in a size small, making it the most absorbent small brief available anywhere.

 About ConfiDry 24/7®

 If you’ve ever used one of our products, you know that we don’t compromise or settle for second-best. Each brief offers: 

         Superior absorbency

         A strong waterproof outer layer

         Wider-than-ever tapes

         Thinner, more discreet profile

         Stronger standing leak guards

         Front and back waistbands

         Quality, made right here in the U.S.A.

 ConfiDry 24/7® Facts:

  Full Dignity & Better quality of life

  Outstanding Absorbency & leak Control

  Undisturbed Sleep throughout the night, 12 hours and more

  Reduces Expenses due to less amounts of charges throughout the day

  Savings on Laundry Costs

  Keeps Skin Dry & Healthy

  Snug Fit guards from unnecessary rubbing against skin & irritating it

  Prevents Chaffing, Sores and Severe Skin problems

  Reduces need for Expensive Creams

  Comfortable Soft Lining allows for Walking, Traveling and even Exercising

  Helps provide a Normal Active lifestyle

  Special strong & durable construction

  Guarantees Odor control & PH neutralization

  Confident Feeling


Your experience is important to us.

 As always our customers are a priority and we are constantly looking to improve, We would love to hear any comments you have about our new ConfiDry 24/7®  product line.

 **For Alaska and Hawaii, Samples packs are the regular price of $10.00, Partial Shipping for cases is $60.00. Please contact us and we will send you a separate invoice.

Thank You!


The Dry Care Team.